What are you creating together?

The way we see it you have two choices in a relationship.

The first choice is mediocrity which is hugely destructive.

The second is to create a LOVE LIFE AND LEGACY that makes others (lovingly) envious and you ecstatic every day.

(even if that has never been possible before)

We like the envious/ecstatic option best.

LOVE LIFE LEGACY - 12 week Couples Mentorship Program

Why Love Life Legacy?

Normalized mediocrity...

Over 46% of marriages end in divorce and divorce is up by 261% since 1960. Yet, most of the west still want to be in a committed partnership over anything else (more than money and prestige they want TRUE LOVE), have children and live happily ever after.

But do they? Or do they simply want to "make it?" Over 67% of people in marriages that, "last" claim they stayed because they saw no other option AND they had lost themselves so they didn't even know what they wanted anymore.

Yet the craziest statistic is that most people that end their marriage site, incompatibility as the reason. (over 91%)

They just lost that loving feeling?! Grew apart?! Got bored?! Played small?! Numbed out?! Lost themselves?! Got tired of being triggered?!

EVEN WORSE: most of our clients have stayed in relationships like this for 10 or more years. What a waste of life for everyone involved. (truth bomb)

Society is normalizing unfulfillment, loneliness, exhaustion and mediocrity in love.

Truthfully, when given the option, over 78% of the people in unhappy marriages say they really wish they could have done something differently.

Love Life Legacy is that thing.

CREATE instead of DESTRUCT...

Most professional men and women that we speak with have gone through cycle after cycle of unhealthy patterns in a relationship.

Triggers, emotional upheaval, lack of boundaries, immature relating, lack of vulnerability and truth, loss of self and the worst one rejection and abandonment issues galore.

The worst part is this is normalized becasue of the overuse of this bullshit phrase, "relationships are hard work."

Fuck that.

When mediocrity and destructive patterns are the key ingredients in your relationship, you can expect more of the same.

When you come together in love and learn to CREATE every moment together both good and bad, cultivate maturity, courage and grace in your love life, mediocrity takes a back seat.

Creation is LOVE LIFE and LEGACY. And that is NOT hard work, that is simply a commitment to practising love.

Blind Spots...

A blind spot is a blind spot, you don't know what you don't know and you can't see what you cannot see.

True story.

Love Life Legacy is designed to reveal those hidden gremlins and literally turn them into opportunities to co-create magic every single day, together, through the power of Love Leadership.

You want some of that, trust me you do.

Yes, we have an agenda...

We only work with true leaders in the world.


We need your voice, service and truth to serve the population if we are going to achieve our mission of Liberating Humanity From isolation To Belonging.

We take very select few couples annually; those who are committed, resourceful and coachable and ready to reach envious and ecstatic levels of love.

>Are you ready to break the patterns that have kept you from achieving a true love teammate experience in your love, life and legacy?

>Are you excited to wake up every day willing to go deep with your partner in feeling, experiencing, and creating?

>Are you done with the loneliness, exhaustion and unfulfillment in love that keeps you from being in true service to your purpose? (or it does when you are bottoming out in relationship anyway)

>Do you recognize that you play a huge role in the success of your relationship and you are ready to take responsibility for your part?

> Are you done with therapy, free stuff, Dr. Google and figuring out your unique love relationship with friends, so-called gurus and bandaid intimacy solutions?

Yes to all?!

Then let's talk.

What to expect...

Week 1-4

LOVE - what has brought you together?

Out of the wounded and into the wild

Revealing patterns and unhealthy relating

Radical responsibility in coupling

Owning your emotional experiences

Suffering is an option

Heart centred willingness and commitment to joy and expansion

Dropping ego and becoming who you really are together

Love Leadership for experts

Your vision for your relationship

Discover your unique relating dynamic

Week 4-9

LIFE - what goals do you have together for your relationship?

Alignement and autonomy

Freedom to individuate for optimal attraction and alignement

Activation, self-expression and initiation

Love Leadership for experts part two

Sensuality, sexuality, intimacy 

The real deal.

Mature versus immature relating

From boy to man and girl to woman

Triggers happen

Best in the world processing techniques

week 9-12

LEGACY - what are you leaving the world with?


What are you creating (pro-creating?) together

Prosperity polarities

Creating abundance together

Passion projects

Service to the world

Teammates in love, life and legacy

Love Leadership for experts part three

Integration and manifestation

The link between body and mind, ELI ™ and somatic experiencing for sustaining, lasting Soul Powered partnership.

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